What’s New in V’s World?

These are interesting times, to say the least. I’m taking this time to CHILL and take care of some simple things I’ve been putting off. But most importantly, I’m taking care of ME so that I can be of better service to others.

I decided to launch my personal brand at VeronicaPuleo.com, post Live Instagram Videos (IGTV), and to resurrect my YouTube Channel and hope that you will subscribe!  

There are some funny old videos of me ‘acting’ like a Sicilian Mamma that I will keep on there for a good chuckle.  I’ve also uploaded all of my instagram LIVE ‘Quarantine Music Sessions’.  

The newest addition is my WORLD PREMIER music video of a Joni Mitchell song I recorded with my buddy Mike Grady back in 2014.  On March 26th (yesterday), I shot the whole video and edited it in a total of 5 hours.  It was a challenge and a dream come true.  Please go enjoy it!  Let me know what you think.

Diving into NEW things gives me a sense of renewal. There is a little fear that comes with taking chances and going toward the unknown. The fear quickly turns into exhilaration and fulfills me in a way that helps me understand that I’m doing what is right for me at that moment. I relax and I do not judge myself.  This is NEW. 

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