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What’s New in V’s World? Part TWO!

I wrote a blog back in April 2020 letting the world know what I was working on during the beginning of the pandemic. This is a continuation to that post. 


2020 was an incredible time in history. Most of us were forced to stop everything that we were doing and reflect on who we really are and what we are made of. Many of us questioned our careers and whether we would go back to them when all this was over. I even started to interview for 9-5 jobs, thinking that I would change careers completely. I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole entire adult life. I’m grateful nobody hired me. I would probably suffocate in an office environment after a long while. 

I had to be completely honest with myself. I’ve always been an artist… One who loved to create in many mediums, but mainly performance. 


I did spend the entire year working on music. I wrote some originals, and I released a five song Italian EP that was sitting on the back burner for quite some time. It’s finally complete and you can find all of this on Spotify. I am forever grateful to my musicians and my husband for encouraging me to be the musician that I am. 


I also spent most of the year learning and working on virtual technology and OBS so that I can perform with my band for corporate virtual events. It was very challenging and I’m grateful I had that to focus on. I turned our recording studio into a five camera operation with the help of my friends Jeff Gross (sound engineer) and Steven Schwartz (software engineer). I also have the pleasure of Emceeing virtual events with my friend DJ Lee Dyson. 


YES – DJ Vero! In April 2020 I also decided to purchase a professional Pioneer DJ controller to continue my journey in music. I’ve always been very intrigued by the world of DJing. It is super technical yet it’s also very artistic and creative in its own right. Essentially it’s another percussive instrument that requires discipline and steady practice and perseverance to do it justice. I’m no stranger to discipline and honing a craft and I’m thoroughly enjoying learning this new art form. 

Will you see me on a Vegas stage in the future? Probably not. But I am DJing professionally for private parties. Thanks to my friend and colleague DJ Lee Dyson of HeyMisterDJ for believing in me and putting me on his DJ roster. Thank you to DJ John Hydo for the encouragement. And a very special thanks to my instructor and friend DJ AmRo (Amani Roberts) & my friend/confidant DJ Ruby Blue (Tiffany Sant’Anselmo) – both of whom are graduates the The Scratch Academy

I had a speaking engagement at Musicians Institute just before lockdown. I still plan on public speaking on the topics of music, photography and being a business-minded artist, as well as promoting women empowerment and championing my fellow sisters in this world. 

I also got back into Voice Acting, but I’ll write another blog about that in the future. 


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