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The Law of Pure Potentiality

What is success? From childhood, it was ingrained in me that the word “success” equated with earning an abundance of money (beyond my wildest dreams) and being able to buy more material possessions along with a large home and sports cars. I think that this definition of success resonates for most of humanity. When I […]


What’s New in V’s World?

These are interesting times, to say the least. I’m taking this time to CHILL and take care of some simple things I’ve been putting off. But most importantly, I’m taking care of ME so that I can be of better service to others. I decided to launch my personal brand at VeronicaPuleo.com, post Live Instagram […]

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Musicians Institute Hollywood

On March 9th, I had the honor of being invited to teach a clinic at MI Hollywood on the topic of ‘Music Business”. Invest in yourself Get Organized 1st impressions Networking Technique  Auditions My primary goal was to help them think as entrepreneurs because let’s face it, when students graduate from any institution, the big […]

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4 Tips for Your Branding Photoshoot

As a professional photographer since 2000, I can tell you that being in front of the lens can be extremely nerve-racking for a lot of people.  Including me! The trick (as a photographer) is to have a conversation with the subject and make them feel at ease all the time. Silence can be the enemy. […]