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4 Tips for Your Branding Photoshoot

As a professional photographer since 2000, I can tell you that being in front of the lens can be extremely nerve-racking for a lot of people.  Including me!

The trick (as a photographer) is to have a conversation with the subject and make them feel at ease all the time. Silence can be the enemy. We have to keep talking to the subject so that they stay out of their heads.  We constantly reassure them that they look amazing or we direct them to soften their face, smile or not smile, loosen up, shake it off, etc. The job of the photographer is not only to produce focused images with great composition, but to also be the most amazing director who has a soft touch with the client – and is full of sincerity.

I experienced exactly that while working with the amazing Brian Kramer during my branding photography shoot in Pasadena this February. He is not only an incredible photographer in a technical sense, but also a very fun and free spirited beautiful human being who does everything in his power to make you feel happy in front of his Canon Body and Canon lens(es).

It is very true that the subject should have a nice connection with the photographer. It makes all the difference!  It is a partnership… It is a dance… you are cooking up something good and only the head chef and sous chef are in that kitchen creating magic.

Here are your tips on prepping for your branding photo shoot.

Choose a location that reflects your personality

I chose Pasadena because I love the alleyways and it’s a photography friendly place.  There are no shortage of backgrounds and we can have variety of different compositions in a very short amount of time.

Prepare your outfits ahead of time

Don’t forget to pair everything with the right jewelry and shoes.  Try everything on before the shoot!  Put it all in a rolling suit case.

Hire someone to be your Sherpa!

I had my friend Terri Castillo on the shoot.  She rolled my suitcase around, helped me get in and out of each look, and she was an extra set of eyes making sure my hair looked great, my clothes fell right, and told me if I needed more lipstick.  This took so much pressure off of me as the subject to have her handle my stuff so I could focus on my brand!  And Brian, the photographer could literally just FOCUS on me and the composition.

TRUST – Have fun and be free!

Your photographer and your assistant have your back.  They want you to have a successful shoot.  Have fun!  Do YOU, yet also be open to direction. 

THAT’S A WRAP!  Check out some of the photos.  Thank you again Brian Kramer & Terri Castillo!

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